A/B Testing AppLovin MAX Mediation vs. Nefta

At the moment Nefta Network can not be included in header bidding mode into AppLovin MAX SDK, which would be the optimal way to ensure you're always showing the highest-valued ads.

We believe that Nefta Ads with no tracking, first-party data approach can provide the most uplift in the segment that should not be tracked. So the best way to include the Nefta network in your mediation is for the non-trackable segment, for which the traditional ad recommendation systems can not provide tailored ads, since they do not have cross-tracked data.

This page will guide you through the process of setting up the A/B test in your AppLovin mediation so you will be able to measure the benefits yourself.

Create A/B Test

In the Ad Units section click on an iOS placement you want to test:

On the Ad Unit editing page click on Create new Waterfall, enter a meaningful name, for example: "idfa-opt-out", and set the condition for the new group to be without IDFA present and Confirm:

On the Ad Unit editing page click on the Edit waterfall and then Create AB Test:

Select the desired percentage for the split, have option to copy existing configuration over and click confirm the creation of the test:

Configuring groups

In the test group of the created waterfall make sure Nefta network is enabled and all other waterfall networks are disabled:

The control group should be unchanged.

In case you want to ab test other ad unit types please repeat the process above for each position.

Evaluating the results

All that is necessary now, is to evaluate the results and apply the configuration of the winning group to 100% of the players.