IronSource - Unity

Based on the IronSource demo project: you can test the Nefta Custom adapter for Unity through IronSource SDK

Include the SDK

The most convenient way to include the Nefta Custom Adapter for both Android and iOS is to download Unity package: Which you import through Assets > Import Package > Custom Package...

After which you will be presented with the following dialog:

Feel free to customize this as much as you want, based on the needs of your project.


As long as you have NeftaPlugin-release-x.y.z.aar in the Plugins/Android folder things should work.


Similarly, here, the Unity build process should automatically include NeftaSDK by itself. As long as the Add to Embedded Binaries is checked:


To access configuration go to menu: Window > Ads Mediation > Select Nefta Configuration:

Here you should enter your Nefa App Id from the dashboard:

Code integration

Before you can send game events through Unity you will have to connect to the plugin like this:


It is also good to do this as soon as possible in the application lifecycle.
After this, the adapter will be ready to be used by AdMob SDK or for game event recording, which you can call like this:

Nefta.Adapter.Record(new ProgressionEvent()
	 _type = Type.Task,
   _source = Source.CoreContent,
   _status = Status.Complete,
   _value = 2,
   _customString = "area42"


In the NeftaConfiguration scriptable object you have Is Logging Enabled checkbox. If you have it checked, the debug version of plugins with logging.

To easily get the Nefta identifier for testing ads from the device you can use:

var nuid = Nefta.Adapter.ShowNuid();

With this identifier, you can configure various test behaviors in the dashboard.