Intro: Advertise

About Nefta for Advertisers

Our goal is to solve the lack of performance & ROAS facing advertisers following the rise of data privacy and compliance frameworks by getting your creatives in front of users who are likely to click and convert, even when they opt out of tracking.

With the retirement of tracking users, global IDs, and fingerprinting; advertisers have lost the ability to personalize creatives & campaigns and deliver relevant ads to users that are likely to install.

Nefta processes first-party usage data provided by our publisher partners which we use to spot patterns of behaviour in app usage. Certain patterns of behaviour are more likely to click certain creatives and convert.
We put your creatives in front of users who are the most likely to perform the best.

Campaign types

The Nefta Ad Network offers two types of campaigns for marketers; Install and Retention campaigns.

Install campaigns:
Install campaigns put your creatives in front of users who are most likely to click and install.
No prerequisite; simply create your campaign, upload your campaigns, and we'll start optimising.
Learn more: Install campaign

Retention campaigns
Retention campaigns require you to install the Nefta Game Events into your own app.
We spot the patterns of behaviour from your best retaining users and optimise your campaign to put your creatives in front of users who most similarly match that behaviour in other titles.
Learn more: Retention campaign