Install campaign

Install campaigns

The Nefta "Install campaign" is one of the campaign types available for marketers.
There are no prerequisites to running an install campaign.

How does it work?

Our publisher partners integrate the Nefta Game Events into their app.
These first-party Game Events inform Nefta as to how the app is being used.
We spot patterns in how different groups of people interact with the app.

Nefta runs tests by showing different creatives to different patterns of behaviour.
We discover that certain creatives get clicked and installed significantly more by certain patterns of behaviour.
Our Ad Network automatically optimises your campaign to put your creatives in front of the users that are the most likely to click and install.

What do I need to get started?

There are no prerequisites for the install campaign.

Any advertiser can create an account, upload creatives, choose any targeting/exclusion parameters (such as language, country, etc), and start generating results.

Who is the install campaign for?

Typically we see games that are in their early lifecycle and are looking to maximise their installs and sum total playerbase.