Example of events integrated

Casual/hyper-casual tycoon capitalist game

The core loops is; not enough taps, too many sinks, but the sinks increase your tap.
Keep spending your money to improve your income and efficiency, to increase your income, repeat.

Example of event tags:

Example 1: A level was complete

NeftaEvents.Record(new ProgressionEvent({
	_name = "levelName12",  
	_status = Status.Complete,  
	_type = Type.CoreContent,  
	_source = Source.GameplayUnit  

Example 2: The "core meta-game mechanic" was upgraded

NeftaEvents.Record(new SpendEvent({
	_name = 'vaultPurchaseUpgrade1',  
	_category = category.PremiumCurrency,  
	_quantity = 20,  
	_method = Method.Upgrade  
NeftaEvents.Record(new ProgressionEvent({
	_name = "vaultLevel1",  
	_type = Type.OptionalContent,  
	_source = Source.ItemLevel

Example 3: Looted a cosmetic from a chest

NeftaEvents.Record(new SpendEvent({
	_name = "chestOpen",  
	_category = Category.Chest,  
	_quantity = 1

NeftaEvents.Record(new ReceiveEvent({
	_name = "skin43",  
	_category = Category.CostmeticItem,  
	_quantity = 1,  
	_method = Method.Looted

To learn about integrating event tags, take a look at this page:

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