Guild: How to import items and give to your users

In this section:

  • How to import your assets (that the game has gifted your metamask wallet) into the Nefta platform.
  • How to rent assets to your scholars/wallets.
  • How to revoke access to an asset from a scholar/wallet.
  • (In the next section, we talk about the technical details).

Note: We are assuming you already have a Nefta account.
(Feel free to view our "Intro & TLDR" guide on how to create and setup your account if you don't).

Step 1: Import assets from Metamask

Firstly, navigate to Digital Assets on the left-hand nav.

Next, in the top right corner, click Import.

Lastly, click "Metamask" in the middle of the screen.

Our platform will automatically import all of the assets that were gifted to you from the game.



We will only import assets that have been gifted to you from the game, via the Nefta platform, to your Metamask wallet.

Step 2: Rent your assets

Create campaigns

Go to campaigns (found in the left-hand navigation).

Click "Create" in the top right-hand corner.

Give your campaign a name.

The budget is to pay your gas fee when renting an asset for the first time (minting the asset).

Max Assets per User sets the maximum number of assets that a user can rent. Do you want to limit the number of assets that can be rented to each wallet address from this campaign?

Create a list to rent to

Choose an audience you created before, or click create an audience if this is your first time.

  • Name your audience
  • Upload your wallets (simply copy and paste each on a new line)
  • Click "Create Audience" in the bottom right

Select assets for rental

Simply click the checkbox next to the asset you want to rent.

That's it - all good to go.


Important: Double check

Before you hit "Create Campaign" and start, take a moment to review your campaign!

  • Campaign name
  • Budget
  • Audience
  • Asset to rent
  • Ensure that "Bulk Renting" is selected at the very end of the page.

Go Live

Once happy with all the settings, hit Create Campaign to start.



Your campaign will go live, and your assets will be rented to the wallet addresses you specified in your audience.
The next step covers how to manage NFT rentals, including revoking access.