View & manage contracts

We make it easy for you to get all of the contracts related to your project.


Get project contracts - Returns all contracts and details for the project that the API is associated with, including; contract ID, address, if it's a custom contract, contract type, and status.

Deploy project contract - Provide a contract ID. The deployment will then begin, and the status will be updated with success/failure.


After you have created a project, click "Details".

From here, you can view the status of all of your contracts:

In this example, I have created a project (NFT contract), and a cryptocurrency token (Token Contract).

Neither are deployed to chain because my project wallet has no funds, and it is the project wallet that gas fees are deducted from.

Simply click "Deploy To Chain", and refresh.

Note, if there is ever an error in deploying, or if the project wallet doesn't have sufficient funds to automatically mint when required - you can always come here to retry.