Game: Set up your partners

In this section:

  • How to add a partner to the platform,
  • How to send access to their login,

How to add a partner to the platform

Easy stuff - simply head to Settings in the left-hand navigation, then navigate to "Partners".

The next step is to simply click "New Partner" in the top-right corner;

You need to enter:

  • The name of the partner,
  • The email address of the person responsible for the partner account (usually the main point of contact),
  • The commission split of asset sales by the partner (1= 100%, 0.1= 10%, etc).

Your partner is now added to the platform and ready for you to send them access.

Sending access to your partner

Once you've added in your partner to the platform, simply click "Create signup link":

Send the signup link to them, and they'll be able to create their account: